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For Stacey Herbert.

Neolitic Beautiful.

In these moments you are about to be promoted to a level of understanding never seen before.

Today I saw on a television show how everyone congratulated each other on the discovery of gunpowder. The fashion concept is CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

For an immortal being, like me, who has seen ALL HUMAN CIVILIZATIONS rise and fall, this causes a yawn of deadly boredom. These humans practicing periodic social lobotomies, to give themselves the impression of discovering something NEO, weary.

After 5,000 years of Patriarchal Civilization, the congenital malformations of this social system are causing its implosion, but since there is the TECHNICAL contraption of the Slow Chamber, it will NOT occur overnight, as with the overthrow of Romulus Augustus, but with sufficient pauses and intervals, due to the high complexity of the woven system, where each part functions as a piece of dominoes, that The Process can only be observed by immortal beings, like me. 15-years-of-age.-today-31-of-October-of-475-is born-romulo-augusto

As there are 7,000 million dominoes that will fall, it will take a long time until they all fall, so this MetaHistoric observation is my gift to you, mere mortals. I am the MetaHistor, the most generous Metabaron (Alejandro Jodorowski) of all.

Without debating with my dear paleontologists, whom I admire for your patience and humility, I will omit thousands of details and nuances, to establish a «timeline,» in the forensic sense of the term.

After millions of years organized as prehominid tribes of semi-nomadic collectors in the African savannah, they evolved into nomadic bands of hominid scavengers-gatherers; after hundreds of thousands of years they dominated the fire and went on to hunter-gatherers, after tens of thousands of years, they began to dominate the stone and the pigments and began painting the caverns and carved their portrait.

They continued as nomadic hunter hunters, Grand Master Totila Albert called them «Filiales» «Subsidiaries», since they considered themselves «Brothers» and there was NO supremacy of one kind over another. Until … that co-affected the sedentary, the polish of the stone and Agriculture. The nomads «sat head», typical feminine phrase, and we have the Neolithic (his best invention).

After 10,000 years, these societies, the First Civilization in the strict sense, since they invented the civitas (in the fertile crescent, what is now the desert Middle East), the Matriarchal Civilization, goes into decline and falls before the invading hordes of Indo-European patriarchal pastors, the Sumerians. To clarify the details between Matriarchal and Patriarchal, I refer you to the first book of the duo called Sacred Pleasure, by Riane Eisler. His Preface is the best that Humberto Maturana wrote in his fucking life, now sold to the patriarchal transnationals.

The story of Cain and Abel is misrepresented: it is Abel who kills Cain and takes over the city. In that we agree the kind paleontologists and I, who saw him murder him. Before 5,000 years, the Human Being did NOT kill human beings by sport; immediately after that time limit, the genocide appears and so on until the day after tomorrow, after this worldwide, technologically advanced phase of the Patriarchal Civilization collapses.

How do you try NOT to fall, these patriarchal transvestites of neo matrices?

Selling the rotten fish of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.


There were NO WASTE! Neither material nor human. Everything was reused in his conception of Life-Death-Resurrection (Pinkola Estés). Their own Mythology (the Conceptual Framework of the “premodern” Societies) of the Magna Mater (read Mircea Eliade) prevented them, given that they clearly perceived the CIRCUTORITY OF ALL SYSTEMS (Bateson and my father, electromechanical).

This is the congenital malformation that gave rise to the patriarchal system: The prefrontal lobotomy of deliberately ignoring the Systemic Conception of Reality and replacing it with the myopia of univocal linear Raciality. That was manifested in their respective conceptions of Time: From the Eternal Return to the Apocalypse-Ragnarok (End of Time and entrance to an Eternity that is NOT anything other than a Mummified Present, as Grand Master Cornelius Castoriadis said).

Heinrich Eichman, during his trial for genocide, said something like: Women will once again dominate the World. All we did (the Nazis) was try to avoid it. We knew we would fail, but at least we tried. Trump is the prize for his effort!

Is the emergence of a 2.0 feminism, even more radical than that of the Sufragists, mere co-incidence? Is it a mere coincidence that I reflote the idea of ​​a CIRCULAR ECONOMY?

AAAH, WHAT METAPHYSICAL BOSTEZE ALL YOU PRODUCE ME! The gods themselves are unable to invent a really New Story.

Underneath and behind everything you see, there are impersonal Forces that move everything there is without considering you (Lovecraft clearly intuited it). You are a drop of a river that flows in only one direction (without Zentido).

Do you think you are free, independent, intelligent, powerful, etc.? Those selfish pretensions are the only thing that makes me laugh at noon! I turn on the TV to watch the news and laugh at how monotonous (stupid) they are. My punishment is having to endure them.

I consider METAHISTORICAL STUDIES founded again. September is the month of the Falls. The next several will fall that were believed Too Big To Fall. There will be a Shock (Naomi Klein recalled), but this time it will be Universal (unlike the Fall of Atlantis), The Entire Planet will fall and we will return to Mad Max III-style nomadism.

My father will shine the Holy City.


«Fiado» in Chile means: «Lend». The neighborhood business lends the returnable soda container, when one does not have a container. That package is borrowed, «trusty,» until one returns it. Its neologism sounds like that word, but it has a very different meaning.
But that made me think of another use of the same word in Chile: «Fia Dios.» May God trust you, I DO NOT.

Fiat to a Chilean sounds like the Italian car brand. It takes one hour for another person to understand the use of that monetary concept: Fiat Money. Fiadios!

«Fiado» en Chile significa: «Prestar». El negocio de barrio presta el envase retornable de la gaseosa, cuando uno no tiene envase. Ese envase está prestado, «fiado», hasta que uno lo regresa. Su neologismo suena como esa palabra, pero tiene un significado muy distinto.
Pero eso me hizo pensar en otro uso de la misma palabra en Chile: «Fia Dios». Que Dios te lo fíe, yo NO.

Fiat a un chileno le suena como la marca de automóviles italiana. Demora una hora que otra persona entienda el uso de ese concepto monetario: Dinero Fiat. Adiós Dinero Fiat!

After writing this essay I found the music «ad hoc» to him.